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Managed Print Services

Our fastest growing department is the MPS division. We provide managed print solutions using partnerships with some of the biggest players in the print industry, including HP, Xerox & Kyocera #ThinkPink

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Managed Print Services

Printing will always be a major area of the Office Environment and so, as part of our single source solution philosophy, Pink Office provides a full  Managed Print Service ( MPS ) solution to any commercial business. With cost saving, consolidation and control as the three fundamental objectives, Pink’s MPS solution is particularly relevant to any Facilities, Procurement, Finance and IT departments. We are specialists in creating strategies for print usage across organisations of varying size and complexity. We will work with you to analyse your existing print usage and provide a bespoke MPS solution: a solution that reflects your operational and financial requirements, the size of your business and the type and volume of documents you produce. By combining your print supplies, devices, support and document workflow requirements into a single source solution, Pink Office will significantly reduce your overall costs and demonstrate improved business efficiencies.

What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a service offered by an external provider to optimize or manage a company’s document output , this results in gaining visibility and control of your printing, which helps you save money and boost productivity. Managed print also helps you improve environmental sustainability and document security. By printing we mean the total cost of managing and optimising your printers, their output, the people and processes that support these devices.


This Includes:

  • Pages produced by office workers, mobile workers and production print operations
  • Office desktop printers, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and high-volume printers
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, offset printing, mailing and distribution
  • IT help desk support, technical service and maintenance
  • Paper, ink, toner , consumables and other supplies

How does it work?

Pink Office will seamlessly manage your print infrastructure while you concentrate on the day to day running of your business.


We will:

  • Review and analyse your current printing infrastructure
  • Monitor, manage and optimise your total print output environment regardless of brand
  • Provide a roadmap to reduce the number and types of printing devices and supplies while meeting the needs of your business
  • Proactively identify and solve potential printing problems and replenish supplies before employees are affected
  • Minimise print and copy costs and reduce consumable spend
  • Train your employees for a smooth transition through change management
  • Reduce your environmental footprint through printing less and consuming less energy
  • Continuously monitor your printing environment and use ongoing process improvements to save you time and money  

Why Partner with Pink Office?

Pink Office will seamlessly manage your print infrastructure while you concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

  • 1. You can reduce your print costs by 10-40%
  • 2. A hassle-free reliable single source solution
  • 3. A tailored print Solution will be implemented for your organisation
  • 4. The Print-related burden on your IT resources will be reduced
  • 5. You'll receive an improved quality of service with agreed key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • 6. You can improve your document security and reliability
  • 7. With our help, take advantage of the latest technological advances
  • 8. You can expect to significantly reduce the environmental impact of your printing operation
  • 9. Will benefit from a mobile and flexible working environment
  • 10. You will receive detailed management reports including usage levels, giving you control and visibility of spend
Initial Consultation
  • A review of your current printing and document environment with IT, Facilities, Procurement & Finance departments as required, identifying key issues
  • Estimations of potential future savings and efficiencies to include environmental improvements
  • Agree the timescales of the audit, reporting and analysis
  • Implement device discovery software
Great choice of high quality products
  • In-depth investigation, including the function and current usage of all document output devices
  • Consultation review of current document workflow
  • Focus groups with all users to gain full insight and engagement
  • Calculate monthly volumes / costs per device
Free Sampling Service
  • Introduce bespoke MPS solution for your organisation depending on the results of the audit and gain approval
  • Implement relevant device consolidation, user to device ratios, document workflows & development of print strategies
  • Tailored staff training and user awareness
  • Project sign off
Full Production Capabilities
Implementation & Management
  • Continuous monitoring of SLA agreements and detailed management reporting
  • Drive ongoing innovation, throughout term of contract
  • Dedicated team offering ongoing support
  • Device management software
  • Automated consumable ordering and meter collection
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